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Church NB list local churches in Fredericton NB by Type.  Church NB goal is to list churches in Fredericton and make it easy for someone looking for information.  A few clicks and you can visit a number of Churches in Fredericton who have a website.

The word Church and Churches will be used on the web and it will mean the building where it's members and guest meet. 

Anglican Church in Fredericton NB

Catholic Church in Fredericton NB

Baptist Church in Fredericton NB Canada

Other Church/Denomination in Fton

Wesleyan Church in Fredericton NB

The list of churches on  ChurchNB.com  is being compiled to make it easier to find a local church and to obtain information on a local church in NB. If a church has a website it will be much easier to locate them on the web.  By Googling ChurchNB you'll be able to link to Fredericton's local churches. Quick and simple. 

Visiting churches and obtaining information is easy on ChurchNB.com  website.  

Looking for a special Website but can't remember the site, look up our list of great Links.  Most deal with family issues, such as Focus on the Family, which have great resources and material.  Looking for unique material for children's ministry, see our link to Fellowship of Christian Magicians, which have great resources and contacts for various kids ministry.    

Our list of Churches is being worked on and the first group of churches we attempted to complete was the Baptist Churches. We believe we have them all listed except for pictures.   The second group to be listed was the Anglican and Catholic Churches.  We are in need of photos,  Others contain a list of other Churches in the Fredericton and surrounding area which is being worked on.  

We are in need of pictures of Churches in the area.  Thanking you in advance.  Just send us a copy of your best digital pictures. 

We thank you for your digital pictures. 

Attention photographers.  For those who want to be acknowledged we plan to have a photo gallery displaying various churches and a list of photographer's name.   Please let us know who took the picture so we can add his or her name to our list of photographers. Please advise us if the photographer prefers to remain off the list on  the web.  Again,   thank you to all the photographers and to all those who have sent in the photos.  Much appreciated.   THANK YOU!