Anglican Churches:

Christ Church Parish
245 Westmorland                                                                                                              451-0630

All Saints Hall
169 Canada                                                                                                                        457-1410

Diocesan Synod Office
115 Church                                                                                                                         459-1801

St. John's Oromocto
60 Broad Rd.                                                                                                                      357-2285

St. Margaret's Rector Study
775 Forest Hill Rd.                                                                                                            450-0110

St. Peter's Parish Hall
2365 Woodstock Rd.                                                                                                        450-8200

St. John the Evangelist Hall & Office
75 Main                                                                                                                                458-9411

St. Mary's
770 McEvoy                                                                                                                         472-4661

The Church of the Holy Trinity
1224 Route 101 Hwy                                                                             453-1319

Chaplaincy                                                                                           453-5089

Anglican Church Rectory
Gagetown                                                                                            488-2069

Anglican Parish of Cambridge
& Waterborough                                                                                   488-2872

Anglican Parish of Fredericton Junction
250 Sunbury Dr.                                                                                   368-2598

Anglican Parish of Prince Williams                                                  575-1186

Anglican Parish of Stanley                                                                367-2013
Anglican Rectory
Stanley                                                                                               367-2013 
Pictures of Churches needed.  The best pictures are those taken on a nice sunny day.  It has been raining a lot and many of my photos heve been taken in the rain.  If you have a nice picture of your church could you forward it to us.

Inspired to have a picture of every church on this web site.

  • to increase community awareness and spread the word
  • to help people find a local group that they can have mutual support and care
  • to be a provoker of things that we need to do to help one another as a larger family.  
  • to encourage more followers

If you have been blessed with special gifts from GOD we would like to hear from you.  It may be through a photo, sculpture or other type of art work that may be a blessing to others.  
Anglican Catholic Churches:

St. Michael & All Angels Parish
Call the Rector for information                                                                368-7863

Traditional Worship - Catholic Teaching

Sunday Mass (BCP)  10:00 a.m. in Fredericton
Daily Office and Mass
Fr. Richard Harris,  SSC, Rector
Fr. John W. Hall, Fredericton Junction
Fr. Ron McBrine, O/OSB, Upper Kingsclear 
Catholic Churches:

Ste-Anne-des-Pays-Bas  (Paroisse)
715 Priestman                                                                                    
Messe samedi a  5:00 PM 
Messe dimanche a  10:00 AM  et 12:00 AM

St. Ann's Church

St. Antony's Roman Catholic Church Rectory and Parish Office
603 Union                                                                                          
Hall  603 Union                                                                                  

St. Charbel Maronite Catholic Church
299 Argyle                                                                                        

St. Dunstan's Roman Catholic Parish
Regent St.                                                                                        

St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church

Our Lady of Fatima Parish - Roman Catholic Church
130 Crocket Street,
Marysville Fredericton N.B

Listing of:  Anglican and Catholic Churches in the Fredericton area:
Welcome: Scroll down to view churches in the Fredericton area.  Basic to Various information is available on each churches listed.  Additional listing is a work in progress.
Anglican and Catholic Churches: